What Is A Semi-Custom Brand Kit? And Should My Business Invest In One?

I love building connections and working with new clients, but I also understand a lot of new businesses cannot afford the price of a complete, custom brand design. That’s why I recently launched a series of semi-custom branding kits on my own Etsy shop. And after receiving interest, I thought I would share a little more information on what a semi-custom/premade brand is and if your business should invest in one or complete custom branding.

What Is A Semi-Custom/Premade Branding Kit?

A semi-custom/premade branding kit is a set of pre designed logos & brand marks that you will purchase from a graphic designer and they will edit with the business information & colours you provide.

The difference between these kits & custom branding is that the kits are resold & edited for anyone who purchases one. Custom branding is specifically designed with a brand, customer & values in mind.

What Does A Semi-Custom/Premade Branding Kit Include?

Each designer may include different assets but a semi-custom kit usually include:

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Submark Logo
  • Monogram/Brand Mark
  • Colour Palette & Font Names

Graphic designers may also provide add-on services which will allow you to add additional assets such as business stationery, packaging/label designs or patterns.

Does My Business Need A Semi-Custom/Premade Branding Kit Or A Custom Brand Design?

Each business is different so here are a few things to consider if you’re deciding on a semi-custom/premade branding kit or a custom brand design.

What Is Your Budget?

If your business is fairly new and your budget is small, it will be worth investing in a semi-custom/premade branding kit. A kit will give you the consistency and professionalism at a fraction of a price of a custom brand. It’s worth noting that as your business begins to develop, you can invest in a custom brand.

If you have been in business for several years or have a large budget to begin, definitely invest in the custom branding. Investing in a custom branding at the very start will save you time, stress & money further down the line.

When Do You Plan To Launch?

If you wish to launch your business fairly quickly – it is definitely worth investing in a semi-custom/premade branding kit. As you pick the branding kit based on existing designs, it is usually a 5-7 working day turnaround on the files.

If you’re in no rush and can wait 3-6 weeks until you receive your branding, invest in the custom branding.

Need More That A Set Of Logos?

A semi-custom/premade branding kit has a set of logos & brand marks that are sure to create a seamless brand launch but if you feel you will need more than logos, it will be worth chatting to a brand designer and creating a custom package based on the requirements you need. It’s recommended you keep working with the same brand designer as they will keep everything consistent.

Don’t Mind If Someone Else Will Have The Same Branding?

One of main things to consider with a semi-custom/premade branding kit is if you don’t mind someone having the same branding as you. Semi-custom/premade branding kits are sold multiple times over. The logo composition, fonts and possibly the colours all stay the same. You may not be in the same industry as someone else using the same branding kit, but it may cause confusion with your customers if they have seen both brands. If you don’t mind this, then go ahead with the semi-custom/premade branding kit!

If you wish to have strong brand recognition, invest in the custom branding. The specifically designed logo & assets for your brand will allow you to create connections with your audience and stand out in your industry. You won’t be able to achieve this with a semi-custom branding kit.

Are you ready to purchase a semi-custom brand kit or invest in custom branding?

I hope this post has allowed you to understand a little more about semi-custom branding kits and if your business should invest in one. You can view the range of semi-custom branding kits I have available on my etsy shop.

If you feel you’re ready to invest in custom branding, head over to my Logos & Brand Design page to see what packages I offer and and fill out my enquiry form. I can help turn your dreams to reality!

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