Why Does Your Business Need A Service And Pricing Guide?

When I first started out as a freelance designer 6 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing! I signed up to People Per Hour, a freelancing platform and started bidding for any graphic design project I knew I could do and that was it for a few years. I gained over 200 five star reviews and I still continue to pick up clients through there now.

As I built up my creative business, a lot of clients began to find me through my website via google & social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. This was so exciting for me as businesses were coming to me because they liked my work! But thinking back to those first emails with potential clients, I didn’t portray myself as the professional I tried to be. I’d write a long email with my process & a quote at the end. And you know what? 50% of the time, I didn’t get a response! I was constantly wondering what I did wrong? Was I charging too much? Did they not like the sound of my process? But it’s all because I didn’t have documents that show I am a professional & I know what I’m doing.

So today we’re talking about one document that has been a game changer for my business and that’s a Services and Pricing Guide. I recently launched the Services and Pricing Guide Template on my Etsy shop. This template is fully editable to suit your brand colours, fonts & all the content is replaceable. It’s available as an Adobe Illustrator file or a Canva template.

How Can A Service & Pricing Guide Help Your Business?

Create a lasting first impression

If that first email you send out to a potential client isn’t creating a good first impression, you’re going to have a hard time converting them in to clients. Take it from someone that learned the hard way!  That’s why I make sure the very first email to a potential client has attached my Services & Pricing Guide. It highlights who I am, my business values, the whole range of services I offer, my typical process, client testimonials, FAQ’s & contact details. Having a beautifully designed document that a client can read through creates a much better first impression than a lengthy email!

It will save you time

How many times have you written an email with your process & quote to receive no response? It happens to all of us! That’s why I’ve found a Service & Pricing Guide as a fantastic way of introducing a potential client to my business. It highlights everything I would explain in the email and it’s presented in a much professional, cleaner way. Think of all that time you could save if you had a document ready to send!

Position Yourself As A Professional

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times but I can’t express enough how a Services & Pricing Guide will allow you to position yourself as a professional in your field. Whether you’re a designer, photographer, virtual assistant, coach or any other service based business – it will really allow you to present your services in a professional manner.

Business Confidence

There is no better way than creating or investing in a Services & Pricing Guide that will do all the talking for you! The document isn’t to only share details about the services you offer but it’s your opportunity to showcase your work, share client testimonials & highlight achievements. This wouldn’t be something you would think to include in an initial email to a potential client but it helps build trust and confidence between the client and your business.

Don't Have The Time Or Design Capabilities To Create Your Own Service And Pricing Guide?

That’s how I can help you out! The images shown throughout this post are from my own Services & Pricing Guide that I have made available to purchase on my Etsy shop.

The digital download includes a Illustrator & Canva template that is easily customisable to suit your own business branding. The headings are there to guide you & all text is ready to replace with your own content.

Should I use Canva Or Illustrator?

Canva is a fantastic tool for people with very little design experience. You are able to replace content, drag and drop images & edit colours from my template very easily.

Create a free Canva account or try out Canva Pro to access their premium features and content!

Already have design experience, know how to use Adobe Illustrator & interested in other the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications?

I recommend using the Illustrator template. It allows for more creative freedom and you can use all of the Creative Cloud package for your other projects!

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